In prior versions of Driver Genius, if you have installed the latest drivers for a device but this driver will still appears in the update list. This problem is caused by those big driver packages. The driver package contains multiple device drivers. Driver Genius determines whether the drivers should be updated or not by comparing the driver date and driver version in our current drivers database. But, there are more than one driver in some big driver installation package released by the hardware manufacturers. For example, Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility and VIA Hyperion Pro Driver include AGP controller, IDE controller and USB controller driver and so on. In this situation, Driver Genius is unable to determine whether the drivers are installed correctly or not.

To prevent downloading repeatedly, We hide those drivers after users install them by choosing 'install' button in Drivers Download Manager. The program won't prompt to update those drivers until their newer version one released. Of course you can also restore them manually at anytime by click the 'Restore Hidden Driver Updates' button.