Firstly, close all software and connect the computer to the Internet. Then download the following patch:

Double click on the patch to run it, then message will appear, click on OK to close.

Then restart the computer and when Windows loads back up, click using the right-hand-side mouse button on top of the software' shortcut icon on the desktop and select option Run as Administrator (if such option is not present press Properties then select option Compatibility and tick box in section Privilege Level, then save and close with OK). This should help the program to start normally.

Unless stated differently all Avanquest software come with single user licence number that allows the software to be installed on one computer only.
If you wish to install the software on another computer, please remove it from control panel program list while computer is connected to the Internet, so you may use the same licence number again on another computer.
Exception to this rule is the licence for Expert PDF 10, 11 and 12, which will register the software on one computer only.