Please download to save the setup file enclosed in your order confirmation email from Avanquest or click here. Once the file is completely saved onto computer's local hard disc, double click on top of it to run it (Administrator account or account part of Administrators group is required.) then the installation process will commence, so please follow these guidance screen snippets below to successfully install the software.

Click on the flag icon to change the language of the initial splash screen. This software is developed in Germany and its main language is German. However English and French languages are also options to select.

Even if you don't chose different language for the splash screen, once commencing to install Sharpen projects software you will be asked to select language for the installation process.

Sharpen Projects can be used as plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom if these software are installed.

30 day trial period of Sharpen Project is also available to try the software before ordering it.

Even if the software is installed in other language than English you can press Ctrl + P while Sharpen Projects is running and change the interface language to English:

User manual in PDF format is available here. If you still need assistance with Sharpen Projects software ordered by Avanquest, please submit new ticket with your request.